Friday, 22 February 2013

New Craft Channel...

This is just to thank you for taking part in this discussion , its a very hot topic and one which interests us all.

However you should know that this is nothing to do with us here at Once Upon a Stamp.

There was a runour going around the trade show about this , but i really cant tell you much more .

We will all have to wait with patience to see if anything materialises from this .

We were asked if we were interested in getting involved so we do know which channel is involved but further thn that , you know as much as we do .

We are hearing further rumours , but that is all they are at present , as soon as we hear more concrete details we will be sure to let you all know.

I can tell you i have heard the names ...Allan and Barry mentioned , but that may only be speculation , you know how rumours etc can spread in this crafting world.

I will keep you all informed .



  1. ALAN..AND..BARY ???...oh dear..well i wont be watching...this ,if true is a huge disapointment Gordon..we have ALL been there before...

  2. Omg I do hope it's not them two as they become very silly when on tv. There are more talented people out there just check out blog land, there demo's are brilliant.So if they can only come up with the same old faces I Hope they don't bother, and the last thing we need is c grade personalities jumping on the band wagon.

  3. Sorry will give it a wide berth if this is the case - as the previous reply - we have been there before Jean

  4. A&B - that would be a massive disappointment and would mean that I would never watch the channel - even if you were on it.

    I know people on forums who would have the same opinion too

  5. If those two are involved in any way I will be giving it a wide berth. Veronica

  6. No, no ....They were good at the start of C and C ....but became as the others have said...very silly.....

  7. You need to be very careful if you get involved with those two.

  8. Well create and craft will not lose any customers to Alan and Barry they were horrendous to watch. Lets hope it is not them anyway

  9. A&B as others have said were good to bring craft to Ideal World and C&C but most people have now lost faith in them - I wouldn't bother watching their show (unless they had some amazing products at amazing prices with amazing delivery deals!!!)

  10. If A & B are anything to do with it, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole!

  11. What a disappointment if its Alan and Barry! God help anyone who gets involved with those two!!!!!!!!

  12. I really do think you ought to get more info about these two, before you commit.....?
    Will say more when I see you at the NEC....

    1. Dont worry , we knew Allan and Barry very well. As i said this is still only speculation at the moment . I do know of all the problems they left behind , a great shame in many ways . Gordon

  13. had dealing with those two before when I ordered from them from their website never got the items and never got my money back either