Friday, 19 July 2013

Machine colours sold out

Please note we are now currently sold out of both retro and mood colours . These will be back in stock around 20th August . They are now on the web site for pre orders . Gordon


  1. Hi Gordon
    Just received my machine.Many thanks to you and TNT for fast delivery.

  2. Just got my machine. Tried a few cuts with my spellbinders dies and they cut well.
    Going to try other makes now.


  3. Any of the TNT deliveries being done by them tomorrow (Saturday), or is it Monday now Gordon? Just want to make sure someone in to sign for my jus cutz retro machine,don't want to miss it after waiting so long to get my hands on it lol!!!! Not good weather for you all to be working so hard must all be sweating!!!

  4. Hi Gordon have you thought of making small embossing templates I do card making and use stitching on my cards,some of the American sites do these templates,they look good on cards,just a thought,all I need now is a nice bag to put my machine in as I can't get it back in the box with the handle attached lol.
    Well done this machine is brilliant,can't wait to see the dies

  5. Hi Gordon thanks for a really fast delivery brilliant.

  6. Hi team!
    Thanks so much! Wow - speedy delivery! My machine arrived earlier this evening. Just off to try it out.
    I hope you aren't too hot and bothered with all the packing you have to do and that you have a cool space somewhere!
    Kind regards
    Anne M

    1. It has been another hard slog today with the heat and all but we are trying our best to get all machines out as quick as possible to you . I believe TNT do make saturday deliveries in some areas of the UK so if you are still waiting you may be lucky tomorrow. We will be working all weekend to get all machines booked in for delivery . It takes time to get this amount of machines booked in and collected . Thank to everyone for your patience . Gordon