Friday, 19 July 2013

Magnetic mat and your machine

The magnetic mat we have supplied is not a shim for use every time , it is only needed for making frames or running a selection of frame like dies through at any one time. Simply use the base plate for single dies and increase the pressure switch . The instructions we have supplied are for guidance only , you can increase the pressure switch slightly if you have to and you will get used to the feel of your own machine as they will all differ very slightly.

Also note this is not a miracle machine , it simply will never solve every die cutting problem , but it will solve many and do more for you than most other machines .

If you buy a highly detailed die in all likelihood it will be easier to cut , but you will still have to persevere and work it out . This is a fault of dies with far too much detail . Also there are certain dies on the market that do not emboss , these are much harder to cut out and the same goes for some cheap dies on the market pay for what you get .



  1. Hi Gordon just to say thanks very much for your tips and advice on cutting intricate dies. I did get them to cut. I much appreciated the time spent on such a hot and busy day.

    1. Can i ask which dies you struggled with and what you did to cut them . If you could share this with others it would be helpful as this is a common problem as dies get more complicated. Gordon

  2. They were memory box dies. They are Chloe (large filigree butterfly) and Tessatine border. I didn't use the magnetic plate and increased the pressure one click at a time. The outline cut very well but the filigree parts took longer but I moved the die to different parts of the plate and the inne parts cut out. I havn't tried all my dies but so far these are the only two I had a bit of trouble with. If I try any others out that will not cut will let you know. Hope this is okay.