Tuesday, 2 July 2013

See the difference for yourself !

Here we have pictures of the insides of our new machine and pictures of the pink one some of you have noticed else where . We want you to see the difference for yourself and the lengths we have gone to with our machine to make sure it does not break . The difference between the two is chalk and cheese as they say . We all know what will happen to a machine with plastic cogs . In our initial testing the cogs begun to wear away very quickly with the pressure being used . We went to China ourselves to make sure this was changed . We would ask you all to make sure no one is caught out by this . The pink machine with plastic cogs is nothing at all to do with us and we are not responsible for any guarantee on this machine.
We must make this perfectly clear .


  1. Glad I ordered your machine. Not long now. Can't wait to see the new dies. Been saving my pennies!


  2. they look like very powerful cogs....really looking forward to my machine being delivered. Take care. Jen. xx