Monday, 21 January 2013

"Best Independant Store - Midlands"

We are just about to return to the UK and we have heard that we have won the above award.

I am incredibly surprised by this news and obviously very pleased to know we have done something right .

As you all know this is going to be a big year for us in many ways as we have much planned .

A HUGE thank you to all of you who voted for us in this category .

Also a great BIG THANK YOU to all the girls in the team for standing by us throughout all that has taken place over the last year .

Another BIG THANKS goes to my wonderful new partner Justin . He has been a huge lift in my new life as we go forward to better things . Im sure you will all come to know him and love him as you did Robert.

The biggest THANK YOU of all has of course to go to one person , ROBERT . If it wasnt for Robert there would be no Once Upon a Stamp . It was all his idea and through his amazing and wonderful creative skills we developed in to something a little different to what people had seen before .

Thank you everyone .

As Rob would say ..

Love and smiles. !


  1. Brilliant news well done all of you xxx

  2. Well done to you all for winning the award.

  3. Well done for winning this, you deserve it

  4. Brilliant news for the business and also for you Gordon. So pleased for you. Robert is smiling I am sure x

  5. Great news! Many congratulations, to you Gordon and to everyone who helped to make it happen.

  6. Well done - but so deserved! Welcome Justin!

  7. im so sorry to hear the sad news hun i have also lost my husband his was cancer i have also hads to have my lung out due to cancer but it was not from smoking i was a nurse and got hit in the chest i spoke to you on the phone this morning and you told me about the blog its great anyway may i wish you and your new partner all the luck in the world for your future i am dissabled and house bound so will never be able to come to any craft fairs i have been a coustomer of yours for nearly 3 years i make cards and donate the money to help the heros and my local hospice you give me so much enjoyment keep up the good work god bless susan russell