Monday, 7 January 2013


Ok then , so how many of you are interested in beading and do you mix this with your papercrafts . Is beading something of great interest and would you like us to stock a range and would you like to see more beading at the shows mixed with papercrafts ?

There are already beading shows in there own right , although i dont believe there are many , would you like more purely beading shows or mixed shows ?

Thank you everyone for taking part in these discussions , we really appreciate your input which is proving to be very interesting .You are helping us to help you as you will soon find out.



  1. I like to use my cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies to make other things, if extra supplies required are not too many. With the Ideology findings, Vintaj bezels etc… I would love to be able to pick up some chain (black and/or antique copper), jump rings, lobster claws and key rings/charm hooks – at a good price - to either place on a scrapbook page or make a hand bag charm. As it is, I waited 2 years to place a single order of sufficient size to justify the postage cost to a specialised retailer.
    So yes stocking these basics is a good idea, otherwise I am not into beads ! I guess it just depends on where you think Once Upon A Stamp should specialise (or IF) but in these tough times getting into something very different is a risk.

  2. Thank you for your comments . Gordon

  3. Yes, as Craftyfield says, it might be useful to be able to buy a few jewellery findings and bits and pieces along with the cardmaking supplies, but in general I wouldn't be interested in beading as a separate craft. Or, if I was, I'd prefer to go to a dedicated bead show. One of the reasons I like the Whichcraft (Doncaster) show so much is that it concentrates on papercrafting and isn't diluted by trying to be all things to all people.

    I think it's great that you're undertaking all this research, Gordon, and I can't wait to hear about your results!

    1. Thank you . Tell me ..are there enough Beading shows around the UK ? let me have your thoughts on more BEADING SHOWS !

      It would seem to be if the show is large then a good mix of papercrafts and knitting etc is a good thing , but maybe not for a smaller show.

      All will soon be revealed soon.

      Many thanks.

    2. I've never had the inclination to go to a beading show, not being into it, so I don't whether there are enough shows for beading fans.

      I guess a large show would need a mixture of crafts to attract enough people to make it viable. Whether it's a good thing or not, I'm not so sure. I just prefer smaller shows. I can usually find all I want at such shows, and the limited number of exhibitors does have the effect of naturally limiting my spending (because there isn't so much to buy!) which probably is a good thing!

  4. Like the comment from Craftyfield that is also the kind of things I would buy too. I usually buy charms etc on ebay. I do not make jewellery and although I use some beads in sewing they are fairly cheap and easily available locally.

  5. I don't do beading myself but have no objection to "sharing" my papercraft show with those who do. I guess most of us use embellishments at one time or another so it is nice to see what's available.