Friday, 25 January 2013


Just to let anyone know who was planning to come to the shop Saturday , we have already had over 1 inch of snow in half an hour and it is getting heavier by the minute .

If it keeps up im afraid we will keep the shop  closed as it will be difficult enough for any of us to get there .

If things look any different in the morning i will post here to let everyone know , otherwise you can asume we are closed due to the weather.

How i wish i was still in California ...this weather !


UPDATE : 8.30AM : SHOP IS CLOSED TODAY ! ..We have had around 5-6 inches of snow overnight and im afraid the roads are really bad and i cant get out of the driveway so i have decided to close the shop for today ( saturday ).

Apologies to any die hards who were planning to come to the shop today ...stay at home and keep crafting instead .

Next week is a big week for us anyway with the arrival of the first of the new A4 machines on monday.

Stay warm , keep safe everyone !



  1. How do you think I feel? We left Southern California to come back home to the UK .... I do sometimes wonder why, oh why, oh why? ;)

  2. Very cold here in North Wales, but weve not got any snow, apart from on Snowdonia which looks beautiful (from inside my nice warm car). Have just caught up on your postings and am shocked about the "anon" comments, why do people want to be anonymous any way, could you not just bar them? Elizabeth x