Monday, 14 January 2013


Thank you everyone once again for your input , we are listening to you.

Our new machine is coming within the next three months and is being made specially to our requirements .

It is far better than anything we have seen so far and far ahead of other machines available ....oh and we think it would be very difficult to break.

This machine is going ahead and will do what we say it will .

It will cut all makes of dies inc sizzix up to A4 in size. It will take all A4 embossing folders and any other size below this .

With the addition of another special plate it will cut material .

A4 EMBOSSING FOLDERS multi layer designs ...we have our own designs coming within the next month and the price under £8  !!

This new machine is being specially manufactured for ourselves and we are very confident of just how great it is going to be .

Colour : We have suggested two tone Dark Brown / dark Teal Green complete with swirls on the main body . These colours are popular and we think it will give the machine a wonderful rich vintage type of look . We also have  another colourway as we have two versions of the machine coming . The second colour scheme will be pastel green / pastel pink . This is more of a pretty looking machine . So to sum up , there will be two colour schemes of the new machine .  I know everyone has an opinion on this and we cant please everyone , but at the moment this is our preference .

Price will be around £90 , this is what we are trying to achieve .

The name of the new machine : THE GODDESS !

This machine has everything we have always been looking for and is very tough as it must be , we know all the problems and the pitfalls of other machines as we have been watching carefully what has been happening in the market .

We have lots of other things happening as a result of out trip which has been very fruitful.

Its going to be a busy year for us folks !

Hopefully meeting up with Nigel and Leonie from c&c for a couple of days in Las Vegas . Dont worry , im not a gambler

Im sure you have all been watching the shows on create an craft and some of  the new spellbinder dies of which there are afraid retailers dont get them until March .



  1. the brown and teal sound great and A4 embossing folder for £ 8 even better. Can't wait for the new blog.
    Enjoy your down time with Nigel and Leonie
    jackie S*

    1. Thank you , all coming very soon .We are working hard to make a huge difference .We know what people want and we have been argueing the case for better made products and of course affordability , we think we have achieved both .

  2. OOOO, this news sounds very good and the A4 embossing folder prices sounds excellent.

    1. lol..thank you , you will just have to be a little patient until things start to arrive .

  3. It all sounds very exciting, Gordon! Love the name of the new machine! Hope you have lots of fun with Nigel and Leonie. 60 new dies?! Thank goodness you have a lovely big shop!

  4. Cuts material and very hard to break - you have just sold me one!

    1. All true ! You are going to be amazed.

  5. Im loving the colour theme and the description of The Goddess, the name just sums it up. The Goddess! The mother of all machines! Its so exciting can wait to see it Helen x

  6. This machine sounds amazing and I particularly love the estimate of the price. Pink is one of those colours people either love or hate and I hate it to the extend I won't buy anything in that colour so very pleased there will be a choice. I desperately need a new small x-cut guillotine but they went from blue to pink so won't be buying. Will start saving ready for The Goddess!