Monday, 28 January 2013

What makes the machine so different ?

I thought it only fair to give you a little bit more info on what makes this machine so different in the way it operates .

Here is why : The machine only requires a total of two plates to every task plus one embossing folder , that really is it , no extras to purchase unless you are interested in working with fabric.

This is the first machine where the actual rollers move up and down to adjust for what is inside the machine , thats the secret to all of this new technology . If this wasnt the case you would need a series of plates and shims to perform all of the tasks.

You can actually alter the pressure to whatever you think is right in this machine at the flick of a switch .
There you have it for now , a great idea , simple technology that really does work in a very strong robust machine .

If you do get the chance make the effort and come along to our warehouse and we will show you for yourself and you can have a play ! Free tea and coffee if you come along , just ask us for one , no problem .

If i look tired please forgive me , i think we will be up half the night playing with our new toy , its that good ! It reminds me of the first time about 10 years ago when the first Spellbinders Wizard machine was launched , this machine has the same importance to us .



  1. You are brilliant!!!!!! Groundbreaking!!!! Forward-thinking!!!!!

    (That's all!)

    1. Much appreciated , thank you . Gordon